Alien Nosejob + guest


  • Lundi 26/06/2023 à 20:00


5-7 rue Moret 75011 Paris

Salle de concert, salle de spectacle

Paris 11e arrondissement

MCouronnesM 2

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Originating as one man’s attempt to avoid the logistical inconveniences of a band, Alien Nosejob (recording project of Jake Robertson - Ausmuteants, Frowning Clouds, Smarts, School Damage etc.) have completed the 180 and are bringing their four-piece lineup all the way from down under to the floors and couches of Europe.
With a dozen releases to choose from, covering the spectrum from bedroom punk/new-wave/miscellaneous (Paint It Clear) to hardcore (Once Again The Present Becomes The Past) to quite-a-bit-like-AC/DC (Stained Glass) to not-at-all-like-AC/DC (Buffet of Love), their live configuration reflects the consistency and variety of one of rock’s premier home-recording freaks.
Come to ask them patronising questions about kangaroos and jet lag - stay for the hits.

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5-7 rue Moret 75011 Paris

MCouronnesM 2 à 242m

MRue Saint-MaurM 3 à 314m

MBellevilleM 11M 2 à 622m

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