Melenas @ L'International / 02.05.22

L'Inter et Persona Grata présente :

  • Lundi 02/05/2022 à 19:00


5-7 rue Moret 75011 Paris

Salle de concert, salle de spectacle

Paris 11e arrondissement

MCouronnesM 2

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(garage pop / Espagne / Trouble in Mind Records)
Melenas are a garage fuzz pop reverbcore band from Pamplona, Spain, who will make fans of The Feelies, Stereolab and classic C86 jangle pop fall for their shimmering guitars, sweet melodies and driving rhythms. They also add a touch of sun-kissed, soft focus psych to their sound. Brilliant melodies, fresh basslines, acid keys and a Lindy Morrison drum style are adorned with fuzz and phasers, and surrounded with heavenly vocal harmonies. After having toured their debut album worldwide with shows at Primavera Sound, SXSW(twice), Eurosonic, Benicassim and even the New York Fashion Week (where they performed at the Ulla Johnson runway), their second LP, ‘Días Raros’ was released in May 2020 via much beloved Chicago imprint Trouble in Mind Records (Mikal Cronin, Jacco Gardner). In 2021 they won the MME Awards at the Eurosonic festival, a prize that has been previously won by Rosalia, Hinds, Fontaines DC or Dua Lipa.

5/7 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris
8€ préventes / 10€ sur place
lundi 2 mai 2022
ouverture des portes 20h

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5-7 rue Moret 75011 Paris

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