Mid City en concert au Supersonic (Free entry)

WELCOME TO SUPERSONICConcerts gratuits, Nuits rock et Disquaire à Paris !

  • Mardi 16/08/2022 à 19:00


9 Rue Biscornet 75012 Paris

Salle de concert, salle de spectacle (250 places)

Paris 12e arrondissement

MBastilleM 1M 5M 8

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(Indie rock - Haldern Pop Records - Melbourne, AUS)
Continuing to build on their love for bold and ambitious sounds that seek to revitalise rock music for a new generation of music fans, Melbourne’s MID CITY return with their sophomore EP, Wishing For The Best.
The EP, following on from their 2019 debut Die Waiting, is a collection of music that captures the journey of a band as they’ve emerged as one of Melbourne’s most exciting new names, developing into a group of musicians who find their sonic identity anchored by a furious blend of rock and pop sensibilities and have thrived upon it on the global stage. Mid City’s music, self-described as being about ‘the modern grate of love and loss, schizophrenic tales, late nights and poor choices’, is elevated with this new collection of music. The musical ideas and narrative progressions come together with the finesse that can only be generated through steadfast periods of time learning and developing musicalities - both as individuals and as a unit.
Vendredi 19 Août 2022
Entrée gratuite jusqu'à 23h
• Ouverture des portes à 19h00
• Happy Hour de 19h à 20h (3€50 la pinte)
9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris
Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)

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9 Rue Biscornet 75012 Paris

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